Higher Calling Registration

  1. Registration fee covers meals, lodging and conference fees.
  2. Eligible attendees are college students.
  3. Day Care for children will not be available at the site.
  4. Please register only once and use your legal name and email address.
  5. If you are attending as a speaker or volunteer staff, please contact for the Speaker/Volunteer registration tool.
  6. There will be an initial deposit of $80 at registration.
  7. When arriving to the conference on January 2nd, please head to on-site registration first.


  1. Registration will be completed when both online registration and deposit payment (credit card ONLY) are completed.
  2. The full registration cost may be paid at the time of registration or the remaining balance may be paid on-site.
  3. Payments on-site can be made in the form of Cash, Check, or Credit Card.